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Dec 4, 2021

The most important soldier in World War II didn't even exist. Join Kris and J Kap as they learn how a British vagabond who died penniless in the streets became the wartime hero who fooled Hitler and secured the Allies' victory against the dastardly Axis of Evil with Operation Mincemeat. Forget the marine corps, this...

Nov 23, 2021

Jeremy haplessly wanders into Kris Casey’s Creepy Crawler Carnival of Carnage. It’s an absolute fucking bloodbath. Lose your free will. Indulge in psilocybin. Witness the horror as these six-legged fiends tear each other limb from limb. Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 13, 2021

Jeremy failed to complete his podcast duty (seeing Venom 2) and so our hosts take a trip to twee town and discuss Wes Anderson's anthology film The French Dispatch, a pretentious but visually stunning love letter to The New Yorker magazine, and complain that Carnage isn't in it enough

Nov 8, 2021

the most talented swordsman who ever lived could also paint pretty pictures and beat people with sticks—join our heroes as they recount the life and times of Japanese folk hero Miyamoto Musashi

Oct 25, 2021

This week Horton hears Kris & Jeremy discuss roughly 100% of the pertinent elephantine information currently available to the public. Dumbo?! …more like Smartbo. Yeah, back it up baby, cause we’ve got a lot of trunk in the junk. Please tune into this unforgettable episode, that a listener never forgets.